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SOS/Rescue Package

This is the perfect starter package for any small business who have been trying to do their own bookkeeping.

Maybe it’s been you, the business owner, or maybe you’ve had a relative help out, but now your business has got bigger and busier and you’ve not had the time to keep up with your books.

All that paperwork has been put on the back burner, or shoved in a shoebox, to be dealt with later but it never does and you’re now suddenly looking at complete chaos!

Does this sound familiar?

Then why not take a look at our ‘SOS/Rescue Package’?

This package offers our clients:
• A review of your current bookkeeping system;
• Implementing a system that works for you;
• Transferring all data into the new system;
• Training you to use the new system so you can manage the day-to-day activities going forward if you choose to

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