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HR Services

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Here at Peace Bookkeeping we offer a HR support service. Ask yourself, do you feel that you are complying with employment law requirements? are you behind in best practice for employment matters? Do you have all the right documentation and policies in place to protect you from tribunal cases? We are offering a FREE no-obligation HR audit of your company to assess your exposure to risk.

HR Services
We can provide full support to you on the full range of the HR lifecycle: Employ, Retain and Maintain.
Employ: Assistance is defining job descriptions; advertising and recruitment; on-boarding; provision of contracts and employee handbooks;
Maintain: Support in performance management; grievance, absence management and disciplinary cases; redundancy and termination;
Retain: Establishing succession and talent management plans; coaching and mentoring staff; training and development strategies;
We also provide training to supervisors and managers on “How to” on key aspects of employment to ensure that staff are managed well.

Why choose Peace Bookkeeping for your HR Needs?
HR is an essential and critical aspect for a company as People are its biggest asset. Getting people matters wrong is costly in terms of productivity, growth, and financial loss through legal action. Our HR support service not only gives you re-assurance it provides you peace of mind knowing that you have the accurate advice and guidance in place on people matters.

HR Documents including Terms of Business Contracts
Let us assist you in establishing your business with all the correct people contracts, policies and documents required to be compliant. Demonstrate to your staff that you take the responsibility as an employer seriously and value their contribution.
As well as employees, it is essential to ensure that your business is protected with contracts in place with sub-contractors for services and Terms of Business with your clients. Contact us here at Peace Bookkeeping to develop and implement these for you.

Support When You Need It
New start-ups and small businesses require flexibility with outsourced services and a retained service is not always practical or affordable.
Here at Peace Bookkeeping we can provide a HR service to you that fits your needs. Flexibility is key, and options available are:
• Pay for what you need as and when you need it.
• Pay for what you need in the short term, and as the company grows move to a retained service
• Have a retained service.
Contact us here at Peace Bookkeeping for all your HR needs.

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